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Jun 6, 2012

IP4 to IP6 Migration - IEEE Paper Presentation Full

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Abstract: On World IPv6 Day 1(June 8, 2011), major service providers including Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook will turn on Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and for 24 hours they will offer their content over IPv6. While IPv6 implementations started in the 1990s, “World IPv6 Day” is the first global test that is intended to help service providers and vendors prepare for the inevitable migration to IPv6. Why is IPv6 so important to the Internet? And how will the migration to IPv6 affect voice and visual communication? This paper discusses the shortcomings of the currently used IPv4 protocol and provides the rationale for migration to IPv6. The new protocol is not only a new way to package and transport information over the IP network, it also requires changes in the architecture of the Internet and enterprise intranets. Since real-time applications are very sensitive to changes in the transport mechanism, this paper will focus on the impact of IPv6 on voice and visual communications.

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