Oct 24, 2012

Camera Motion Analysis for user generated video full doc ppt presentation

Seminar Paper Presentations topics abstract on Camera Motion Analysis for user generated video (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract: We propose a system for the analysis of user generated video (UGV). UGV often has a rich camera motion Structure that is generated at the time the video is recorded by the person taking the video, i.e., the “camera person.” The segmentation provides a video summary with unique properties that is useful in applications such as Video annotation. Camera motion is also a powerful feature for identification of key frames and regions of interest (ROIs) Since it is an indicator of the camera person’s interests in the scene and can also attract the viewers’ attention.

We propose a new location-based saliency map which is generated based on camera motion parameters. This map is combined with other saliency maps generated using features such as color contrast, object Motion and face detection to determine the ROIs. In order to evaluate our methods we conducted several User studies.
Download Full Seminar Paper: Click Here

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