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Oct 15, 2012

Improving Database Security through Face Recognition abstract paper presentation

Seminar Paper Presentations technical IEEE ppts topics abstract on Improving Database Security Through Face Recognition (Seminar Paper Presentations) Abstract: In the field of Image Processing, face recognition place one of the important roles. Face recognition forms the backbone for many security systems. So we have come up with the paper regarding the face recognition using Eigen face approach. In this project, we design software which improves the security in Database Accessing. Now a day’s user can access his/her data providing their username and password, which one has to remember always and has the problem of being hacked. So, we design software that takes the user’s face as its input and displays his/her record provided in the Database. We first create the database of the users taking their reference images and information. Then if any user wants his record, the face is captured and compared with the faces in the data base using Eigenface approach. A face recognition system, based on the eigenfaces approach is proposed. Eigenfaces approach seems to be an adequate method to be used in face recognition due to its simplicity, speed and learning capability. The corresponding face in the database is thus recognized and the record is displayed. Experimental results are given to demonstrate the viability of the proposed face recognition method.
INDEX TERM SPCA – Principle Component Analysis, KLT – Karhunen–Loeve Transform, ed- Euclidean distance.
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