Mar 24, 2013

Text Image Separation in Devanagari Documents ieee paper presentation download

This Paper is Submitted by R.Suman Varma (Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology) Paper Presentations ppts topics with full doc abstract on Text - Image Separation in Devanagari Documents (Seminar Paper Presentations) 
 Abstract:In this paper we present a top-down, projection-profile based algorithm to separate text blocks from image blocks in a Devanagari document. We use a distinctive feature of Devanagari text, called Shirorekha (Header Line) to analyze the pattern produced by Devanagari text in the horizontal profile. The horizontal profile corresponding to a text block possesses certain regularity in frequency, orientation and shows spatial cohesion. The algorithm uses these features to identify text blocks in a document image containing both text and graphics.

Download Full Seminar Paper: Click Here

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