Apr 24, 2013

Design on dielectric Resonator chip antennas for wave wireless applications ieee paper ppt

This Paper is Submitted by Kiran.P (Osmania University)
Paper Presentation on Design & studies on dielectric Resonator On-chip antennas for Millimeter wave wireless applications ( Paper Presentation )
Abstract:Dielectric resonator antenna systems are more realistic antenna system for VLSI Chips due to its simplicity in the integration with other system and monolithic fabrication. DRAs have attracted the antenna designers in microwave and millimeter wave band due to its features like high radiation efficiency, light weight, small size, and low profile, low temperature coefficient of frequency, zero conductor losses and suitable scale in microwave band. DRs of low loss dielectric material, having dielectric constant as 10 < Er < 100 are ideally suitable for antenna applications. When a dielectric resonator is not entirely enclosed by a conducting boundary, it can radiate, and so it becomes an antenna, named Dielectric resonator antenna (DRA).As compared to microstrip antenna, DRAs have much wider impedance bandwidth and they don't support surface waves. In this paper we studied the cylindrical Dielectric resonator antenna configuration along with co-planar waveguide on a semiconductor substrate for millimeter wave wireless application (60GHz).

Keywords- Dielectric resonator antenna, millimeter wave, coplanar waveguide

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