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Apr 26, 2013

Parallel Computer Architecture Jaswinder Pal Singh ebook download free

Parallel Computer Architecture by Jaswinder Pal Singh ebook download free
David E. Culler, Jaswinder Pal Singh, Anoop Gupta – Parallel Computer Architecture: A Hardware/Software Approach
This book outlines a set of issues that are critical to all of parallel architecture–communication latency, communication bandwidth, and coordination of cooperative work (across modern designs). It describes the set of techniques available in hardware and in software to address each issues and explore how the various techniques interact.
The most exciting development in parallel computer architecture is the convergence of traditionally disparate approaches on a common machine structure. This book explains the forces behind this convergence of shared-memory, message-passing, data parallel, and data-driven computing architectures. It then examines the design issues that are critical to all parallel architecture across the full range of modern design, covering data access, communication performance, coordination of cooperative work, and correct implementation of useful semantics. * synthesizes a decade of research and development for practicing engineers, graduate students, and researchers in parallel computer architecture, system software, and applications development
* presents in-depth application case studies from computer graphics, computational science and engineering, and data mining to demonstrate sound quantitative evaluation of design trade-offs
* illustrates bus-based and network-based parallel systems with case studies of more than a dozen important commercial designs.

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