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May 7, 2013

Low Cost Inverter for Domestic fuel cell applications ieee Paper presentation

Paper Presentations ppts topics with full doc abstract on A LOW-COST INVERTER FOR DOMESTIC FUEL CELL APPLICATIONS PPT (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract:The utilization of fuel cells for distributed power generation requires the development of an inexpensive inverter that converts a fuel cell’s variable dc output into useful ac. The high installation cost is the major obstacle of the commercialization of the Fuel Cell for distributed power generation. The proposed system consists of an isolated dc-dc converter to boost the fuel cell voltage to dc voltage and a PWM inverter with filter to convert the dc voltage to two split-phase ac. The dc-dc converter uses phase shifting to control power flow through a transformer with a MOSFET full bridge on the low voltage side and a voltage double on the high voltage side.

To encourage this development the US Department of Energy and the IEEE setup and sponsored a national US student competition with a substantial first prize going to the lowest cost working fuel cell inverter: the 2001 Future Energy Challenge (FEC). This paper describes the work of the University of Wisconsin FEC Team. It discusses the topology used to achieve the said objective, the rationale used in choosing this topology, detailed component selection optimized to minimize cost, and the dc/dc and dc/ac converter control. Finally some conclusions are made and a new total-system approach design using a high voltage fuel cell is proposed to further reduce the cost of the inverter.