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May 7, 2013

Microwave Receiver Front-End Using Mos Technology Paper Presentation ppt

Paper Presentations ppts topics with full doc abstract on Microwave Receiver Front-End Using Mos Technology (Seminar Paper Presentations)
Abstract: The increasing demand for high data rates in wireless communication systems is increasing the requirements on the transceiver front-ends, as they are pushed to utilize more and wider bands at higher frequencies. The seminar is focused on receiver front-ends composed of Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs), Mixers, and Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs) operating at microwave frequencies.
Traditionally, microwave electronics has used exclusive and more expensive semiconductor technologies (III-V materials). However, the rapid development of consumer electronics (e.g. video game consoles) the last decade has pushed the silicon MOS IC technology towards even smaller feature sizes. This has resulted in high speed transistors with low noise figures. However, as the breakdown voltages have decreased, a lower supply voltage must be used, which has had a negative impact on linearity and dynamic range. Nonetheless, today’s downscaled MOS technology is a feasible alternative for many microwave and even millimeter wave applications.
Having acquired enough insight about the individual blocks, we then focus on blending them into a whole-log receiver prototype. The seminar also throws light on few performance metrics and parameters of a typical receiver so realized.

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