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Jul 19, 2013

Hybrid Honeypot System for Network Security Paper Presentation

Paper Presentations ppts topic Hybrid Honeypot System for Network Security (Seminar Paper Presentations)
:Nowadays, we are facing with network threats that cause enormous damage to the Internet community day by day. In this situation, more and more people try to prevent their network security using some traditional mechanisms including firewall, Intrusion Detection System, etc. Among them honeypot is a versatile tool for a security practitioner, of course, they are tools that are meant to be attacked or interacted with to more information about attackers, their motives and tools. In this paper, we will describe usefulness of low-interaction honeypot and high-interaction honeypot and comparison between them. And then we propose hybrid honeypot architecture that combines low and high -interaction honeypot to mitigate the drawback. In this architecture, low-interaction honeypot is used as a traffic filter. Activities like port scanning can be effectively detected by low-interaction honeypot and stop there. Traffic that cannot be handled by low-interaction honeypot is handed over to high-interaction honeypot.

Keywords—Low-interaction honeypot, High-interaction honeypot, VMware, Proxy

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