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Oct 29, 2013

Paper presentation on Slient Sound Technology

Paper Presentation on Slient Sound Technology (Seminar Paper Presentation)
Abstract: The Silent sound technology is a perfect solution for those people who have lost their voice but wish to speak on mobile phones. This technology helps to detect every lip movement and converts the electrical pulses into sounds signals and sends those signals avoiding the surrounding noise which may cause disturbance. This is going to be a good solution for those who have lost their intensity to speak. The main aim of ‘Silent Sound’ technology is to notice every movement of the lips and convert them into sound so that the information can be transferred in audio form, which could allow people to make silent calls without bothering about other people. Rather than making any sound, your handset will transfer the movements your mouth makes which will measure the muscle activity with the help of that handset then convert this into audio speech that the person can hear on the other end of the call on phone. So, it reads your lips. This new technology will be very helpful whenever a person loses his. voice while speaking and it also allows people to make silent calls without disturbing others. This technology can also be used in the military sectors for sharing secret matters with other people. It provides a PIN number which can be given to a trusted person so that the listener can hear a clear voice on the other end.

Keywords: pulses, muscle activity, silent calls

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