Jan 29, 2014

A Software Hardware Cooperative Implementation of Bird's Eye view for Camera on Vehicle

Abstract: Rear camera or other wide-angle camera mounted on vehicle has serious perspective effect which makes driver unable to feel distance correctly and is  not helpful for succeeding image analysis. To remove perspective effect, it’s necessary to change diagonal view to bird’s-eye view. In this paper, a software-hardware cooperative bird’s-eye view system is proposed, which can estimates the transformation matrix and changes the view automatically in real-time. The matrix estimation module is implemented by software, because it only needs to calculate once. The transformation part is implemented by hardware, because it must be done repetitively and it requires high computation power. To optimize hardware performance and save cost, three optimization approaches like one-step transformation, memory pre-estimation and look-up table (LUT) have been employed.

Keywords: camera-on-vehicle; bird’s-eye view; vehicle safety; inverse perspective mapping

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