Human Language Query Processing role in Computer Interaction - - Paper Presentations

Feb 20, 2015

Human Language Query Processing role in Computer Interaction

Abstract: Nowadays interaction with computer is essential, effective process and also the storing and retrieving of data from database will play vital role in the database application. To access the Database the user should have a strong knowledge in SQL command and procedures. But this is not possible for all users. So in this we present Human Language Query Processing for Temporal Database. This will help the novice user to interact Temporal Database in their Native language (English), without using any SQL command or procedures.

              The conventional Database will give only current data not past or future data. But the Temporal data will support for past, present and future data. In temporal data we used third axis as time interval, which support both Transaction time as well valid time. The valid time is the actual or real world time at which the data is valid. The main aim of this system is that the human language is interpreted with Temporal Database and to produce appropriate results. This system is implemented in Java which can be used in any platform.

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