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Jul 26, 2016

Miniaturization of Mechanical Systems Full Paper

Miniaturization of Mechanical Engineering Systems pdf full abstract presentation paper journal ppt Abstract: This paper will offer an overview of evolution of miniaturization of engineering systems and devices that was initiated a half century ago. The trend of further miniaturization of devices to the ultimate atomic scale will not only continue it will become a dominant technological development in the first half of the new century if not longer. Such development will require significant changes in every aspect of design and manufacture, as well as production management over traditional engineering practices. Production of miniaturized device components and engineering systems of micro- and nanoscale is clearly beyond the capability of current machine tools. Shaping device components of complex geometry in micrometer scale with high dimensional accuracy requires the use of specific and carefully controlled physical-chemical processes. Many of these processes result in adverse or intrinsic effects that need to be accounted for in early stage of design considerations. The nature of the minute sizes of these products also creates many problems in assembly, packaging and testing.

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