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Aug 2, 2016

PHP Project Online Hotel Reservation System Full

Online Hotel/Motel Reservation/Booking System full Php Project

This PHP source code download for online hotel reservation/booking system can be used as Mini-Project/Major Project with few changes: This PHP & MySql project is also called as online hotel booking system. This simple application automates the process of room booking in a particular hotel though online. This application can increase the sales and revenue of a Hotel. It partially provides the time saving option for the normal users and hotel management also. Users are no need to waste their money and time by making calls or going in person. This PHP application helps many peoples all around the world. Try it out your turn.

Title: Free Online Hotel Reservation/Booking system
Domain: Web technology
Front-end: PHP script language
Back-end: MySql database

Basic online hotel booking system’s module pages are, Separate Administration section, Calendar for date availability, Check Rooms, Room reservation, Payment Details, Special offers

Download Full Project : Click Here