Automated Health Care Mangement System using Big Data - - Paper Presentations

Apr 10, 2020

Automated Health Care Mangement System using Big Data

Generally Automation plays an important role in the global economy and in daily experience. The Automated Healthcare Management System is an automated system that is used to manage patient information and its administration. In existing system challenges at large scale performing large-scale computation is difficult. To work with this volume of data requires distributing parts of the problem to multiple machines to handle in parallel. The information gained from analyzing massive amounts of aggregated health data can provide useful insight to improve quality and efficiency for providers and insurers a like.This makes the patients reach out for healthcare solutions easily and cheaply and makes healthcare a easy reach for the unprivileged also. Thus, this unified model can serve as a data collection, delivery as well as an analytic tool in the healthcare domain.This paper addresses the problem of data quality in electronic patient records using a computerized patient records report system with Apache HIVE and abstraction of Map reduce of big data technology. We analyzed which patient is spending more money than the others with the Map reduce.

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