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Apr 10, 2020

Blue Brain technology or Virtual Brain

After death, the human body gets destroyed, brain stops working and human eventually loses his/her knowledge of the brain. But this knowledge and information can be preserved and used for thousands of years. Blue brain is the name of the first virtual brain in the world. This technology helps this activity. This article contains information about the blue brain, its needs, blue brain-building strategies, strengths and weaknesses and more. Collect data on the many types of somatic cells. The analog squares measurements were published on a IBM blue-chip central computer, hence the name “Blue Brain.” This usually corresponds to the size of the bee’s brain. It is hoped that simulation of gallium in the rat brain (21 million neurons) is to be performed by 2014. If you receive enough money, a full simulation of the human brain (86 billion neurons) should be performed, here 2023.

Keywords- Blue brain, Virtual brain, Honeybee brain, Neurons

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