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Apr 17, 2020

CYBORG paper presentation full

Paper Presentation on CYBORG paper presentation full seminar ppt( Paper Presentation Materials Projects )

(CYBernetic ORGanism) A being that is part human and part machine. The term was coined in 1960 by Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline in an article they wrote about how humans can survive in space. For centuries, various cultures have fantasized about half human-half artificial beings; however, in the 20th century this concept materialized in the form of artificial limbs, pacemakers and other bionic devices.
A cybernetic organism, or cyborg, is the melding of man and machine and ranges in scope from creating computers that have human attributes, such as independent thinking or the ability to learn, to the artificial heart, pacemaker, and a variety of synthetic implants. Cyborg advocates hypothesize that in the future mankind will use science and technology to transform into a virtually immortal being?still human, but with machine parts that perfect natural organs, muscle fiber, and bone. In modern society, cyborgs have taken on a new meaning, particularly as computers have become more powerful and ubiquitous. While religious and ethical questions about cyborgs remain, people no longer fear machines that outthink, outperform, and are physically more powerful than humans. Science fiction, movies, and television shows portraying the cyborg-driven future have not only dispelled fear, but actually set expectations for further advances in providing computers with human attributes and vice versa for the betterment of both.
Since machines, such as pacemakers and kidney dialysis units, keep people alive, many argue that the world is already a cyborg community. Given the pace of technological development, there is little doubt that the human/cyborg melding will proceed.

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