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Apr 28, 2020

Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) Paper Presentation

Paper Presentation on Voice over Wi-Fi seminar ppt( VoWiFi Paper Presentations Materials Projects )

Abstract:The VoWiFI phone VM1188T is designed for users who need mobility of WiFI and the cost saving of VoIP. The VM1188T is intended to help users make SIP calls without the hassle of turning on your computer. The compact and elegant design of VM1188T allows users to make VoIP calls at work, home, and on campus with POTS like voice quality.
The modulation of VM1188T is based on the WiFi standard; it is compatible with almost all standard 802.11b/g access points. With the VM1188T, users can access to both PSTN and SIP networks as
long as there is a trunking gateway available at the CO side. With the easy startup, users don’t have to remember the SSID or security key of each AP, the VM1188T stores these confi gurations and will connect to the access points automatically when boot up. Paired up with the cradle access point CAP2316A, users can enjoy the benefi t of interference free wireless environment through the implementation of MSSID. With Accton’s VM1188T, users can enjoy the benefi t of cost reduction with SIP, mobility with 802.11b/g WLAN, and hassle free installation with easy startup. The VM1188T is pact with user friendly features all in a single device.

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