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May 7, 2020

DNA Computers - Biomolecular Electronics

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Abstract:Molecular electronics is an emerging field that lies at the interface of chemical physics, bio physics, electrical engineering and physics, bio physics, electrical engineering and solid state science. It involves the encoding manipulation and retrieval of information at a macromolecular level in contrast to current techniques. Molecular electronics not only represents the final technological state in the miniaturisation of the Computer circuitry, it also provides promising new methodologies for high speed signal processing, holographic associative memories and three dimensional optical memories.
Computers, by definition, are machines which receive input, manipulate and store the input, and produce an output. They've quickly grown in the size and processing power. Computers are commonly known to consist of integrated circuits mainly constructed of silicon ; however, a computer is never considered to be "alive".A DNA-based computer has solved a logic problem that no person could complete by hand, setting a new milestone for this infant technology that could someday surpass the electronic digital computer in certain areas. DNA might one day be integrated into a computer chip to create a so-called Biochip that will push computers even faster. DNA molecules have already been harnessed to perform complex mathematical problems.

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