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May 7, 2020

Quantum Teleportation - space time jump

Quantum Teleportation - Space Time Teleportation Paper Presentation, Quantum Teleportation pdf, teleportation technology ppt ( Seminar Paper Presentations Materials Projects )

Abstract:Ever since the wheel was invented more than 5,000 years ago, people have been inventing new ways to travel faster from one point to another. The chariot, bicycle, automobile, airplane and rocket have all been invented to decrease the amount of time we spend getting to our desired destinations. Yet each of these forms of transportation share the same flaw: They require us to cross a physical distance, which can take anywhere from minutes to many hours depending on the starting and ending points. There are scientists working right now on such a method of travel, combining properties of telecommunications and transportation to achieve a system called teleportation.
Quantum teleportation allows a “disembodied” transmission of unknown quantum states between distant quantum systems. Yet, all teleportation experiments to date were limited to a two-dimensional subspace of quantized multiple levels of the quantum systems. Here, we propose a scheme for teleportation of arbitrarily high-dimensional photonic quantum states, and demonstrate an example of teleporting a qutrit. Measurements over a complete set of 12 qutrit states in mutually unbiased bases yield a teleportation fidelity of 0.75(1), which is well above both optimal single-copy qutrit-state-estimation limit of 1/2 and maximal qubit-qutrit overlap of 2/3, thus confirming a genuine and non-classical three-dimensional teleportation. Our work will enable advanced quantum technologies in high dimensions, since teleportation plays a central role in quantum repeaters and quantum networks.

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